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tomorrow. same time, same channel. an update on the tragic mine explosion in west virginia, the deadliest u.s. mining disaster in 26 years, 25 miners dead, four still missing, screen left, you see the microphones set up for the morning briefing, we expect that within the hour, good morning, everybody, that's where we start, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom" and welcome back to martha. martha: good morning to you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this massive explosion ripping through what is known as the upper big branch mine and it happened during a shift change yesterday. we're just learning that this mine had six violations , dealing with ventilation issues alone, just this year. that is since january. last year, the mine faced 48 what are called unwarrantable failure orders which are considered quite serious. among the dead in yesterday's blast, and we're learning all of these individual stories now as it comes to light, in one situation, three members of the same family, an uncle and two of his nephews who were all working together were found in close pr
of moments on the search for four missing miners in west virginia. families, holding on to hope for a miracle today. we're going to to look at the upper big branch mine, safety crews say crews are making some progress since monday's blast that killed at least 25. talking to someone about the risks they face in a moment stand by for that here. >>> in the meantime, there's new word of a major shift in foreign policy, reports say the white house is rewriting the document that identifies the biggest threat to national security, removing islamic references, including those that involve jihad and islamic extremism. that's an about face from the previous administration. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america us -- to "america's newsroom". martha: that's going to get a lot of attention. good morning, bill, good morning, everybody at home, i'm martha maccallum, the obama administration has already sort of shunned the phrase the war on terror, so widely used burg the -- during the bush administration. sources say this new change in the language, wee moving that word, islamic, with
through the upper big branch coal mine in west virginia, searching for four missing miners since a blast killed 25 colleagues on monday, the worst mining disaster we've seen in this country in a generation. rescuers were waiting to enter the mine until four venation shafts were drilled, that would release the dangerous methane gas and carbon monoxide. -- too unsafe to go inside at that point, but now it's better. the community is devastated, mining is their lifeblood. the family and friends in that town, holding out hope for the missing and grieving, meanwhile, for the 25 confirmed dead. >> we knew them all, grew up with the young ones, many of the older ones. great bunch of people, kids. it's just a shame something like this has to happen. >> i want everybody to know, he was a good guy, he was the best dad in the world. >> we had an -- we had an 18-year-old cousin in there, and it was a shift change and he got out, but we did know three others that died. west virginians are strong and resilient people, and in times of tragedy and in times of need, we pull together to give and to be here
safety in light of the trend in west virginia from last week. >> president barack obama:... prayers. we owe them more than prayers. we owe them action. we owe them accountability an an assurance when they go to work every day, when they enter the dark mine, they are not alone. they ought to know behind them there is a company that is doing what it takes to protect them. and, a government that is looking out for their safety. in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy i asked the officials standing with me, labor secretary hilda solis, and joe main and kevin strickland with the mine safety and health administration to lead an investigation into what caused the explosion at massey energy company's upper big branch mine. i asked them to report back with preliminary findings, this week. we just concluded a meeting where they briefed me on their investigation. i want to emphasize, that this investigation is ongoing. and, there is still a lot we don't know. but, we do know, that this tragedy was triggered by a failure at the upper brig branch mine and a failure first and foremost of management
. then a third trial begins next month in the state of virginia for matthew mccabe, he faces the most serious charge, accused of roughing up the suspect, then lying about it. the detainee was the suspected mastermind of the murder-mutilation of four american contractors in fallujah. steve centanni is back on the story again today, live in washington. the latest about this trial is what today, steve, what can we expect? >> reporter: well, it is the second navy seal as you said, petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia, going on trial today. like the others he pleaded not guilty to the charges of dereliction of duty. well, the one charge against him. and in this case, that means he failed to protect the prisoner in his custody. keefe at first wanted a jury trial, but he's changed his mind on that and now his case will be heard only by a military judge and the case will be decided solely by that judge. keefe appeared in court wearing his navy uniform, seated between two attorneys, one civilian, one military. and he heard the testimony against him, including once again
else. a new law will require virginia schools to teach gun safety rules to elementary students and as you might expect, this has got folks fired up! meet eddie eagle, the nra's mascot and he'll offer his thoughts on gun safety to schoolkids. is this a job for the school system? that is our fair and balanced debate, laurie haas is a parent whose daughter is a survivor of the virginia tech massacre in 200 7 and is a spokesperson for the virginia center for public safety and alexa frist is a spokeswoman for the nra, welcome, ladies, good to have you with us today. laura, let me address this first, one might think given your daughter's experience you would want kids to learn as much as they could, about being safe with guns, and that even school might be a good place for that. why not? >> i don't think schools are a good place for that at all. i think it is a parental choice, and, schools have no business, being in the firearm safety education business, and, mandating new curriculum to the state board of education, while simultaneously pulling funding is unacceptable. virginia's le
of reform is with me now, democratic senator mark warner. out of virginia and the member of the senate banking committee and senator, thanks for your time and good morning. did you think the bill is good door america at the moment? >> i think it is a strong move forward, rather face it. 18 months, after coming back from the edge of a financial melt down we tried to put together a bipartisan bill to make sure taxpayers are not exposed and we have financial rules of the road in place and americans can remain the -- america can be the capital markets capital for the the whole world -- >> and i take it -- i apologize and want to cut through a couple of things, that was a yes, as it stands right now? >> yes, listen there are ways to improve the bill and, if people have specific concerns let's debate them. and see if we can improve it and there are ideas, bob couric, republican from tennessee -- bob corker and i have been working on but i think it is a step forward. bill: you and corker have been working on it, you are the democrat and he's the republican -- >> over a year. bill: and he says
of west virginia is not better, rescue teams working their way deep into the mountain to find four missing coal miners pulled out yet again, second time in two days, jonathan hunt is live in montcoal, west virginia, pulled out because the gas levels are still too high. what is happening at the moment? >> reporter: bill, right now, what they are trying to do is drill a second hole down, into that mine, down which they then hope to drop a camera which will enable them, they hope, to see whether the final rescue chamber they have not yet been able to get to, was in fact deployed. if it was, there is a slim possibility that those four missing miners may have gotten to it and may have survived. if they drop it down and see it has not been deployed, essentially all hope is lost. they have to use the camera because when they went in last night, it wasn't the gas this time, the gas levels were actually safe enough but what they got met with last night when they went in was a wall of smoke. which indicated somewhere in the mine a fire was burning and the officials stated it made it too dangerous to
-- historic election in new jersey, governor mcdonald's historic election in virginia, scott brown's historic election in massachusetts, all give evidence to the fact that the american people are tired of the borrowing, the spending, the bailouts, and the takeovers, and they're saying enough is enough and they want to see leaders like governor christie, like my own governor, mitch daniels, in indiana, who are willing to do the hard thing, who are willing to lead an make the decisions necessary to put our fiscal health in order. bill: i think what we're finding here, and you were watching the segment throughout the morning here, what you find is americans believe they're going to be paying more money in taxes. it's a question of when and by how much. >> right. bill: correct? >> look, you know, the american people, many people were born in the morning but not yesterday morning. i mean, we saw this massive obamacare business pass, which despite what was promised it was a decifit spending bill because of things that they left out and because entitlements always cost more than they're projected. i
independent voters, suburbs like washington, d.c., in northern virginia, outside of charlotte, north carolina, indianpolis, indiana, denver, colorado, las vegas. why is this now the battle ground for 2010, juan? >> it's been a battle ground for a little bit in terms of american politics, because this is the home of the white suburban female who is a heart and soul of the independent voter in america, and she doesn't always pay a lot of attention to what's going on day to day, and as a result, she tends to make her mind up late, she gets big impressions from the news at different tiles and then comes to a conclusion, and she has been away from president obama in droves. in fact in the "washington post" that we were just talking about, bill, there seems to be a slight uptick for obama at the moment and the post people make the point you got to watch that carefully, and the "wall street journal" piece is about how republicans are going into those suburbs and now trying to really focus on those suburban voters who vote in large numbers, they go to church in large numbers, they volunteer in large
. kentucky's mine collapse, happening in the same month, of course, as the mine explosion in west virginia that killed 29 mine workers, which was america's worst mining disaster in 40 years. >> you didn't tell him you thought it was a -- deal? >> i didn't say that. >> no, you who did, your personal, internally. you knee it -- you knew it was a -- deal, and it showed. >> i think the context, the message that i took from the e-mail from mr. montag was that my performance on that deal wasn't good, and i think that the fact that we had lost money related to that wasn't did good. >> how about the fact that you sold hundreds of millions of that deal after your people knew it was a -- deal, does that bother you at all? you sold the customer something some. >> i don't recall selling hundreds of millions of that deal after that. bill: i tell you, i think it's one of the best sound bites we have in your time, right? martha: and i think they were talking about my performance in that deal, not that it was a -- bleep deal to begin with. bill: democratic senator carl levin in the hearing on goldman sach
investigators arriving in west virginia this morning. looking for answers to what caused the worst american mining tragedy in 40 years of now they're working to recover the bodies of several of the deceased miners. thick clouds of toxic gas, though, this has been the issue throughout the rescue and recovery effort are slowing the search. what has been going on? in the mine and 29 men, dead after that explosion. massey energy operates the mine and has been under scrutiny for a number of escalating safety violations, that led up to the day of the explosion. including problems with the ventilation system. experts say, hi levels of methane gas may have built up and caused the blast which makes sense given what we've learned. flags are flying at half-staff at the white house, in memorial to the nation's miners who were lost in the terrible, terrible explosion last week. gregg: the white house talking about taking the words islamic extremism completely out of our national intelligence estimate. but, senator joe lieberman saying not so fast. not only is that a problem, it is offensive. fair and ba
they learned in new jersey and virginia last year, which is in a nonpresidental year, president obama, he can must -- murserren enthusiasm, but he can't muster people to go to the polls. in the gallup survey, among independent voters the generic ballot, you ready for this, 47 percent republicans, 29 percent democrats -- i'm sorry, 47-39. so it's an amazing lead right now among republicans, among the independents. juliet: richard, when does the president start to get active in the campaign -- in the campaigning and do you agree with adam that maybe they're backing off of them? >> they're going to be strategic, as they should, as presidents always are in midterms and all through elections, he's going to go where he can be helpful and he's going to stay away where he cannot be helpful and those are going to be very specifically about which states and what is happening in very particular cases. but there are many more places he can be helpful than he's going to be not helpful, and he'll campaign hard. i mean, seven months to go, don't count barack obama and the democrats out, and if the democrats
may 3rd in norfolk, virginia and the prisoner allegedly abused, ahmed abed is the accused mastermind of the horrific attack in fallujah, 6 years ago that left four americans dead and testified in court yesterday about his injuries and lawyers for the navy s.e.a.l.s believe thee injured him he injured himself to incriminate americans and the third trial begins tomorrow in baghdad. bill: steve centanni with breaking news out of washington. thank you. martha: we are getting word of violence in bangkok, witnesses say three small explosions went off nor a protest site there. there are injuries reported, david piper is joining us live from bangkok where there is a lot of chaos and what do you think the blast was? what are you hearing. martha: yes. we are told there were explosions by the security forces, and we are not really sure who caused them. we do know that they took place, very near where the protesters, the anti-government red shirts are holed up in the heart of the city. and near the famous red light district of pat-pong and it happened on an elevated walkway where many troops are
of virginia, republicans gain 27 seats. sue rothenberg, gaining 24 to 28 seats and realclear politics, republicans gain 47 seats in november. what about that, rich? is that legitimate or hubris. >> the democrats created the predicate for losing the house. no doubt about it and they were in trouble prior to the passage of health care reform, and, in precarious shape and passed health care reform and convinced themselves that the thing to do to restore the popularity was to pass an unwieldly, unpopular budget-busting health care bill and in the theory it would become magically popular once it happened and every policy, says it is just as unpopular as before it passed and will be a weight around the neck of every democrat in the country. bill: juan, a know you have considered that and i know what democrats said, give it time and it will grow in popularity and karl rove writes: the energy on the health care and the federal spending must be maintained on the republican side, in order to get the gains i mention there. if you maintain the energy that is out there now, it could be a tough row
on the hill. what do the midwestern congress members, doug, think about this? ohio, west virginia, kentucky. they could take a hit. >>s it was instructive to me all the while you have lindsey graham and joe lieberman saying they'd like to do a compromise and one of the most liberal members of the senate was saying wait' minute and i don't know they'll bring along potentially vulnerable midwestern senators, and house members, to endorse a new compromise, in the wake of legislation, that, for their states could be job killers and economy wreckers. bill: justin, one last word before we wrap it up. justin? >> no, absolutely i'll agree. look, here's the other risk. jobs is the number one priority of the american voters, they want to see congress and the president focusing on growth and jobs and for senators with tough re-election battles this is a nonstarter because of the impact it could have on jobs in their state. bill: doug, thanks for coming in and justin, welcome to our program, "america's newsroom." come on again. >> thanks. bill: have a good weekend. martha. martha: police officers accus
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